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Buy leads

You cannot sell insurance without customers. In the insurance industry, a customer is referred to as a “lead”; a prospect who has requested quotes for insurance products. The best way to get an insurance lead is by referral from a satisfied customer, but for someone who is beginning, leads can be difficult to come by. For someone who does not have many, a good place to start is in your own community.

  1. You can go around your neighborhood and look at centers that are focused on older individuals. If there is a senior center or a restaurant you know specially caters to seniors, you can distribute your business card or even take them if people are interested in your services. When doing this you must be aware that there are compliance considerations where you cannot call or approach people directly as per the CMS Marketing Guidelines
  2. There are talks for seniors like symposiums or webinars you can attend. You can even host your own webinars. You can seek out other brokers and For Members Only (FMO) groups and get involved with them. 
  3. You can create a referral program. With people you already know, you can ask them to please refer anyone they know that may be interested to you. You can also provide an incentive like a gift card, movie ticket, or lottery ticket for every referral you get. 
  4. Join the chamber of commerce so that you can network with other companies and hear about events coming up where you can gain leads and build a rapport.

Get tech


There are a few services that offer the ability to quote different Medicare and health plans. Infact, many FMO’s also provide a quoting engine as part of their service. Having a designated service for this will come very handy when a client wants to compare the prices for each plan they are interested in to find the one that fits their budget best. 

The services available include

    1. CSG Actuarial which is a well known and trusted site to give real-time quick and trusted quote data. They focus on quoting Medicare supplement and Medicare advantage plans.
    2. Sunfire Matrix quotes the total annual cost for MAPD/PDP plans nationwide while allowing you to compare against the client’s existing plan. 
    3. Quotit provides a fast and professional multi-carrier quoting engine that takes in the client’s health information and then returns health plan information from carriers you sell


Enrollment is nearly the most important part of being a broker, and what leads to your success. Carrieres like AARP, Blue Shield and Medicare Supplement plans  have their own websites that let you enroll clients; however using a different website for each client can get very time consuming and tedious. Luckily, there are some services that provide enrollment for numerous carriers all in one place. 

The services available include:

    1. Plan Provide is a new service that is growing fast and developed with the goal of making enrollment fast, simple, and all in one place. It is intended for independent brokers and smaller businesses. 
    2. CSG Actuarial has created a client manager that is intended to save you time enrolling clients by being able to create segments based on key demographics. 
    3. Sunfire Matrix provides enrollment with a full suite of e-signatures. Customers are able to sign in using any touch screen device and email or text a request for a remote e-signature and receive real-time confirmation. 
    4. Connecture is another good option to enroll clients with its ability to quote different plans and drug price transparency. With the use of Plan Compare One you will have higher member retention because of their reliable out-of-pocket estimates and best fit plans. 
    5. Quotit allows you to compare hundreds of plans across the country and then enroll your clients directly from their proposals so your clients get the best plan for them with ease. 


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has to do with the use of software to enable companies to organize and optimize their customer relations. Software that optimizes your marketing strategies, engagement, and customer data will save you a significant amount of time in the future and increase your efficiency when advertising and communication with customers. 

    1. If you are just starting out as an individual broker or small company, a Google spreadsheet is a good place to start gathering your clients information like their first and last name, phone number, and email address. Once you begin to grow over a hundred clients you will want to move onto software dedicated to handling your clients like the ones listed below. 
    2. Hubspot focuses on providing all the tools you need to increase leads, accelerate sales, and improve customer service. One of their popular features is marketing automation through constant contact. Another heavily used feature is their CRM sequence feature where you can mix email templates and schedule them to send at different times. 
    3. Salesforce is another platform you can use to better sell to and help customers. They provide products to help manage your Marketing, Leads, and cloud computing solution options like the ability to use cloud analytics to analyze the efficiency of your business and effectiveness. 

Landing Page 

A landing page is typically a website’s home page, a place to get people interested and wanting more. Good Landing page can be the difference between someone clicking on your website and clicking out and clicking and scrolling through your words then later getting in contact. 

    1. Landingi allows you to create your landing page quickly and easily so you can get more leads, maximize sales and watch your business grow. You can design the entire page with pop-ups and funnels  then publish with ease. You don’t need any coding skills! 
    2. Unbounce allows you to build any page on your own and exactly how you want it. You are provided with customizable templates with optional Javascript and CSS for mobile and desktop usage. 
    3. WordPress is where you can build a site, sell your stuff, and start a blog.You can create any kind of website you would like and design it yourself with no code, manuals, or limits. 
    4. Instapage has six products and hundreds of features built specifically to increase your advertising conversion rates. They aim to help you create relevant and responsive landing pages, increase visitor engagement, optimize your post-click landing pages for higher conversions, visualize ad campaigns, launch campaigns faster, and capture visitor attention faster. 

Social Media Marketing

Once you have gotten the key tools for behind the scenes of your business, it is then time to focus on marketing, or in other words, gathering new clients and showing the world why they should choose you. Good marketing strategies will allow you to educate your potential customers effectively on your services while widening your reach so you can get more potential customers. There are several tools you can use 

    1. Content Studio is a platform intended to streamline your social media and content marketing so you can increase your reach. Content Studio provides services that will help you plan and collaborate with your teams, schedule content to all your channels and networks, track KPIs and measure performance across all channels, and find, analyze and share top performing content for any topic or industry.
    2. Rocketium helps your business create campaigns using creative automation technology to launch faster and more efficiently. You can use the brand templates to make many creative variants of forms, spreadsheets, and even APIs.
    3. Missinglettr can help you grow your social presence by being able to plan all your social media outputs months in advance. This will enable you to grow your followers, get more traffic to your websites, and gain more leads all while saving time. You can even drive campaigns on autopilot. Can it really get much better than that?
    4. LivePerson Conversational Cloud powers you to engage and convert more consumers, drive and measure more revenue, and find and put out more fires all through a social media AI. Responding quickly to messages helps boost loyalty with quality brand management.  
    5. Cortex gets you the most from your content by posting at the perfect time and maximizing your ad budget.  Cortex constantly scans social media to make sure all your posts reach your audience at the perfect time and with the use of machine learning your distribution strategy will always improve. 
    6. Semrush lets you do SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC and social media marketing from one platform. Works to grow your organic traffic with its knowledge on your market and website.  

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