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1. Get fingerprinted

In the state of California it is required that all insurance brokers have fingerprints on file with the California Department of Insurance (CDI). You can either get your fingerprints at the testing site where you take the license exam or submit them separately before the exam. For more information on the requirements for fingerprints visit the California Resident Licensing Fingerprint Requirements page.

2. Apply for Written Consent, if Necessary

If you were ever convicted of a crime such as a felony or any violation of the Title 18 U.S.C Section 1033, you will need to apply for a written consent before you can get your license. For more information you can also check Filing Requirement for Written Consent Pursuant to U.S.C., § 1033

3. Complete education and take qualifying exam

The education you get is dependent on the license you want to get. There are different insurances like life, personal, casualty, broker, agents, and producer. You will most likely need to complete 20 hours of classroom study and another 12 hours of education on ethics and California’s Insurance Code. There are a few services you can use like  Kaplan Financial Education,, and ExamFX.

Once you have studied everything you need, there will be a qualifying exam on all the material. There will be approximately a $33 exam fee. For information on how to go about booking the exam, explore the Insurance License Exam Info  page.

4. Apply for License – Health Only or Health & Life

After passing the qualifying exam, you will then be able to proceed to apply to the California Insurance Broker License.

5. Pay licensing fees

Licensing fees average around $188, for a comprehensive list of the fees for each license click here

6. Take License Exam

You’re now at the very last step, booking the license exam and taking it! First you will need to book the exam and you can do that on the PSI Online website. For more information on the online scheduling service visit the Insurance License Exam Info page to book your exam.

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